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Since Bair's Driving School was founded in 1973, we have taught over 30,000 students how to drive. Jim Bair, our founder, has been a driving instructor for over three decades. Bair's Driving School Students directly benefit from this experience. Additionally, our driving professionals have a variety of vehicles and teaching styles.

At Bair's Driving School, each student must complete 30 hours of classroom and 10 hours behind the wheel instruction. There will be only the student and the instructor in the vehicle. We require parental/legal guardian involvement. A parent/legal guardian must attend parent orientation and ride for 30 minutes in our car with instructor to see how the student is doing.

In the end, Bair's Driving School students will have the skills necessary to drive safely and defensively.

Bair's Driving School offers student pick-up at Bangor, John Bapst, Hampden, Brewer, Orono and Old Town area schools.

Experience, professionalism: Bair's Driving School


Bair's Driving School offers scholarships to students who take/took their driver education at our school and plan to further their education.  Forms go out to high schools January 5 of each year.  Look in your school's scholarship book or call us to pick one up  (207-990-6099).

You can also apply for the MDEA scholarship by taking driver education from Bair's.  Call for details (207-990-6099)


In 2002, 42,643 people were killed on American roads. (International Traffic and Accidents Database) At Bair's Driving School, we feel that we teach not only the skills for responsible, safe, defensive driving, but also a survival course to survive the most dangerous environment most of our students will face, the American road.

The Bair's Driving School Difference:  Every Driver's Education Class Starts with Parent Orientation night. The Bair's Driving School Philosophy will be explained to the parent and the student.

We offer a variety of class times.  If you miss a class we have times available to make up those classes quickly. You take your permit test during your last class.  You must score 80% or higher to pass.  Once you have completed your 30 hours of class, 10 hours of driving and pass your test, we will issue you a Maine State Driver Permit.

All class rules and regulations will be explained. Our State Certified Driver's Education program includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, and 10 hours of hands-on driving with our veteran driving professionals

Parent Orientation Requirements:

1. Biological parent/legal guardian and student must attend.
2. Original Birth Certificate from issuing city or Passport must be on hand.
3. The Students Social Security number must be on hand.
4. A mandatory eye exam will be performed on every student on the night of Parent Orientation. Glasses or contacts, if applicable must be worn.

MOTORCYCLE CLASSES (1-day eight hour class - Class Schedule)

The number of motorcyclists killed on U.S. highways jumped to 3,592 in 2003, an increase of 11%, and is an increase for the sixth consecutive year. (  Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than operators of other vehicles, and at Bair's Driving School, we feel that a course in proper motorcycle operation and riding skills is essential for safe operation of a motorcycle.

The Bair's Driving School Difference:  The Maine Motorcycle Safety Education Course program reaches the balance of safety, instruction and value, and many safe motorcyclists have graduated from it.  The Maine Motorcycle Safety Education Course includes eight hours of intensive classroom study, with demonstrations of skills in the classroom.

Maine Motorcycle Safety Education Course Requirements:

1. Must be 16 years of age
2. Must have completed a Driver's Education course (NOT Required to have a Driver's License).


Are you getting ready for your road test?  Do you need to brush up with one of our professional driving instructors?  Do you need to use our car for your road test?  If you have your permit, we can help!  Give us a call. (207-990-6099)

The Bair's Driving School Difference:  Private Lessons are an exceptional value for those who require specialized Driver Education.  Driver's education vehicles are used in the instruction of our private clients, and are available for use during the Maine State Driver's road test.  Our Professional Driving Instructors provide a superior education compared to other schools, and with a one-on-one instructor to student relationship, the driving education can be tailored to a student's individual need.  For students requiring medical evaluations, they are available.

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